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An Afternoon in Hungary with Tealeaves Gresham Palace Tea & Herend Porcelain

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After hours of traversing the Great Market Hall, sit and sip contemplatively at Four Seasons Gresham Palace’s exquisite Bar and Lobby Lounge. Drink in the history and the stunning beauty of your surroundings. Live like Hungary’s elite and world adventurers alike by partaking in their uniquely Hungarian afternoon tea service.


“The selection [of Herend porcelain] that we have for our afternoon tea was actually made for the Prince and King of England as their present…Usually when you present them presents for their weddings, they usually use them in auctions and give the money for charity. But due to how they like the set, they actually kept it for themselves and they have it, so we are lucky…that we have this beautiful set of afternoon tea that all our clients can enjoy while they are staying in the hotel. We also have our own Gresham Tea with Tealeaves and so it is a great combination to have them both together.” – Fouad Shafik, Director of Marketing at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest

At Four Seasons, guests will enjoy the ultimate tea-drinking experience, with our Tealeaves tea served in a breathtaking tea set designed by the world famous Herend porcelain of Hungarian origins.

Customers of Herend porcelain include the likes of many 19th and 20th century aristocrats, queens, and kings, as well as various celebrities and art connoisseurs.

According to Four Seasons, notable figures include the following: “Queen Victoria ordered a whole service of Herend porcelain at the first World’s Fair in London. Her name became associated with the Victoria pattern and the collection was named after her. Princess Diana collected Herend china figurines. Her collection is now on display at the Spencer family’s home at Althorp in England. Several Herend pieces were donated to Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI received a Herend figurine for his 80th birthday. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a collector too and has purchased several pieces of Herend china.”



From Hungarian desserts such as képviselő (almond crisps and bigne with vanilla cream) to Rigó Jancsi (a traditional chocolate cake) to classic dessert favourites such as macarons and madeleines, the afternoon tea service definitely channels English with a Hungarian twist.

“Our afternoon tea is, I would say, English-Hungarian. We created this Hungarian afternoon tea; that was our goal. Right now it’s very popular because we’re the only hotel in town that does traditional English-style afternoon tea but with a Hungarian twist.” – Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente

Savory foods from the tea program include a traditional favourite, pogácsa, “joined by tomato pesto, cucumber and mozzarella as well as by local cream cheese, smoked salmon and black olive tapenade topped with hearty prosciutto.”

Tealeaves’ hand-crafted custom tea created in collaboration with Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente makes the perfect complement to the delectable sweets and savouries available. Inspired by the traditional Hungarian drink, pálinka, it will enable guests to truly immerse themselves in their cultural surroundings.



Guests for the Four Seasons afternoon tea program can enjoy themselves under the hotel’s opulent cupola alongside a piano player that sets the tone of luxury, relaxation, and bliss. There is plenty of history to behold among the intricate ambiance of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace.

Notes from Fouad Shafik, Director of Marketing at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest:

“The Gresham Palace was first constructed in 1904, and it took them two years to build. It was initially constructed as an insurance building. At the time, insurance companies were not allowed to invest in the stock market, so they invested in buildings. The insurance company was able to invest in this beautiful art nouveau building and the Gresham Palace was constructed as a modern building at the time. You could pass the corridors by carriages and the floors were made of asphalt. The only difference right now is the floor. At the time, it was asphalt but now it has been converted to mosaics.

The building was affected by the First World War and Second World War, so in 1999, Four Seasons acquired the building and converted it into a hotel. They went to the same companies that created the same tile works and furnishings to replicate what the property once was, so as you see the interior now, it is almost exactly the same. When it was first converted as a hotel from 1999 – 2004, it took five years of construction, imagine, even with all the technologically. In 1904 it only took two years, so a lot of time was taken to rebuild the property again and over 100 million euros to restore it.”



“If you look at the design, you will see many peacocks. If you notice the frameworks of metal, it is all peacocks. Even the colour of the lobby, the design, it relates to the feathers of peacocks, so you will see purple and green in each corner — heart shapes as well a tribute to nature, you will see imagery of animals and plants around the property.”


“As the building was initially built by the locals, we used the same factories that were once used to create the property. We apply the same mentality with our afternoon tea program: we use local ingredients, local variety of wines, and also the porcelain.”

Indulge in the culture of Hungary within the surroundings while feasting on traditional foods and flavours. Drink in the history, inside and out!


One tea, multiple personalities. See how the Four Seasons Gresham Palace Blend tea adapts itself to the shifting needs of the day, in our film series to come.

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Enjoy this exquisite tea beyond the walls of the Palace as your mind journeys there. Indulge your wanderlust and appetite by taking a taste of Budapest home!


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