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Artfully Perfected For Ice


Toes in sand, skin soaking up sun’s warm glow—summertime. And what better way to invigorate your senses and widen the delicious smile on your face than with the ultimate thirst-quencher? Discover why a tall glass of Iced Tealeaves helps you escape the summer heat without taking you away from the sunshine.

· The Icy Truth ·

Color in beverages is commonly correlated to flavor strength, suggesting that deeper, brighter hued drinks have stronger, bolder flavor. However, this is a misconception. Strength and color are not necessarily related. Color is often a sign of crushed leaves that have been cut into smaller pieces to maximize color over all else; a manufacturing shortcut (no pun intended). At Tealeaves, we prefer a multi-dimensional approach to invigorate your senses. Whole tea leaves offer the fullest expression of flavor!

· Far From Ordinary Blending ·

Rather than simply following the same blending process for hot teas and calling them iced, we have created a proprietary process perfectly suited for transforming ingredients into to an extraordinary result. This means our Iced Teas are truly unique from the rest of our hot teas and should be steeped accordingly.

Our Master Blender’s technique for blending iced tea focuses on three components:

1. Is it refreshing?

Iced tea is usually consumed when parched. The addition of unnecessary sugar, however, can often lead to counterproductive results. We start off with quality ingredients, blend for a refreshing palate – yielding an uplifting aroma and taste without sweetening.

2. Does it have complexity?

Flavor and taste are heavily influenced by temperature. One’s understanding of taste changes with the cooling of the tea liquor: less evaporation = less aroma, leading to a less robust palate expression.

What sets our iced tea apart? Our technique in blending iced teas uses ingredients that amplify taste to make up for the lack of aroma expression, ensuring your sip has complexity.

3. Is it fun?

We combine invigorating and unexpected ingredients such as lychee, passionfruit and apricot to infuse our premium teas with a delightful twist of tropical flavor.

In the quest to create the perfect tea blended for a chilly sip, we also strive for aesthetic perfection. Tea varietals with low acidity have been specifically procured to prevent clouding when cooled.

Let the colors delight as you sit with your feet propped up, slowly sipping a glass of Passionfruit Mango Green Iced Tea.



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