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Incense as a Ritual: The Art of Listening

United by an appreciation for the transient beauty of life, nature and the culinary arts, we work to capture the moment – blending together the spirit of the season, people and ideas. We encourage you to pause to take in these moments, and discover the ephemeral beauty of life through the cherry blossoms at our inspired events.


A Japanese ritual of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility, Chadō has a revered place in our evolution, reminding us of the importance of art within the craft of being a tea blender.


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Kōdō (香道) 

“way of fragrance”


A ritualized Japanese incense ceremony that deepens spiritual and sensory awareness.



Kōdō is a classical art of refinement, along with Chadō (“The Way of Tea”), Kadō (“The Way of Flowers”) and Shodō (“The Way of Calligraphy”).

It takes many years to perfect the Kōdō art and perform the incense ceremony.

A refined sense of smell and hearing is necessary to break down the different elements within the fragrances.



Traditionally held in a Japanese-style tatami room, the ceremony is performed in complete silence.

The secret of Kōdō is in “listening.”



Kōdō consists of two main elements: Monkō and Kumikō

Monkō – let the aroma infuse the body and soul and “listen” to it in a holistic way

Kumikō – a practice to identify the subtle differences in the delicate fragrances



















During the Muromachi period (1336–1573), the etiquette of “The Way of Fragrance” evolved together with Chadō, “The Way of Tea”. Since then, Kōdō is said to have ten physical and psychological virtues:


感格鬼神 : Sharpens the senses

清浄心身 : Purifies the body and the spirit

能払汚穢 : Eliminates mental or spiritual pollutants

能覚睡眠 : Awakens the spirit

静中成友 : Heals loneliness

塵裏愉閑 : Calms in turbulent times

多而不厭 : Is not unpleasant, even in abundance

募而知足 : Even in small amounts is sufficient

久蔵不朽 : Does not break down after a very long time

常用無障 : A common use is not harmful




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