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Tea: A recipe for relaxation, recovery and reflection


Amidst the hustle and bustle, everyone could use a gentle reminder for how to achieve deep relaxation. TEALEAVES ICON Karen Ray, Director of Spas at Auberge Resorts, offers a guide on how to take time not for others, but for yourself:

“Greet the day with a yoga class– stretch, move, challenge yourself, use your breath to guide your movement.
Replenish after yoga with a nourishing green protein smoothie while strolling through your favorite neighborhood.
Order lunch to go, and return home to cool down and refresh with a lavender aromatherapy shower and an application of moisturizing cucumber aloe lotion.
Spend the early afternoon reading, resting, connecting with a friend and enjoying your special lunch.
Schedule a massage for the late afternoon, or a floral tea bath in the evening, as you bring this day of relaxation and focus on your well-being to a close.”

· Sereni-tea Bath ·

Notes from Karen Ray, Director of Spas at Auberge Resorts:

“Unwind from the inside out, while sipping on chamomile tea and soaking in a bath of lavender and chamomile blossoms.”

· ingredients for Sereni-tea Bath ·


Muslin Bag

Lavender Flowers

Chamomile Flowers

1/2 cup

Epsom Salts

Thin Cucumber Slices

· steps for Sereni-tea Bath ·

1. Fill the muslin bag 1/2 with lavender flowers and 1/2 with chamomile flowers, then tie a tight knot.

2. Place the bag into the tub, and fill with hot water to steep the tea.

3. Let the tea bag float in the water. Sprinkle in the salts to add an extra relaxing effect on the muscles.

4. Place two cucumber slices on your eyes and soak for 20-25 minutes, to fully absorb the benefits of herbs and salts.

To enter into a mindset of calm and reflection, listen to TEALEAVES ICON Karen Ray share her mentality with us:


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