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Keep Calm and Earl Grey On!

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In addition to being one of the most popular types of teas in the world, Earl Grey has a little secret. But first, before sharing what this timeless classic has to offer, let’s talk about how an Earl Grey is born.

· What makes an Earl Grey an Earl Grey? ·

Earl Grey tea derives its signature taste from the addition of the aromatic bergamot oil. Natural bergamot oil is extracted from the rind of citrus bergamia, the Bergamot orange, most commonly grown in Calabria in southern Italy. Both tea blenders and perfumeries prize Bergamot oil for its fragrant citrus notes.

· Pssssst. Want to hear a secret? ·

If a natural oil of bergamot is used with tealeaves, an authentic Earl Grey tea is created. The extra benefit of using natural bergamot lies in its ability to uplift the spirit and increase an overall sense of well-being. In other words, Earl Grey is a “happy” tea.

However, if an artificial oil is used to flavour the leaves, the ‘happy’ effect is not present. The natural essential oil contains alpha-pinene and limonene, compounds that act as natural antidepressants, which are missing in the artificial version.

· First Press Please! ·

Did you know that all of our eight Earl Grey teas use 100% natural, first- and cold-press bergamot oil? By choosing blends made with natural bergamot, you reap the benefits of Earl Grey’s calming, restorative and anti-depressant properties.


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