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The mastermind behind Google’s Innovative food program

“What do we buy, from who, and why?”
– Michiel Bakker, Director of Google’s Global Food Services

Michiel Bakker believes these 3 questions are integral to deciding what food to put on our plates. After all, we are what we eat! The food and beverages we consume should not only be delicious but also nutrient-rich (with some intelligent design, you can have it all!).


Google is renown for their spirit of innovation, and their food program is no different. Michiel is extremely selective when partnering with vendors for Google’s food program. He partners with vendors who are aligned with Google’s philosophy of intentionality: to realize the goal of serving great food whilst pushing beyond established conventions.


TEALEAVES and Google have a joint vision to transform everyday dining into a unique and enlightening culinary experience. As each and every ingredient plays a substantive role in determining the final palate, a meticulous selection process is mandated.

Michiel Bakker and Google know that their vendors can heavily influence the food on your plate and the level of enjoyment diners experience each time they pick up their fork, spoon, and glass.

Enjoy as Michiel Bakker opens the curtain and shares a few secrets of Google’s food philosophy.

“[TEALEAVES is] the ultimate tea partner.”
– Michiel Bakker, Director of Google’s Global Food Services


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