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The Premiere; A Custom Blend for the Oscars

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Last year, Tealeaves became the official custom tea blender of the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes with “Gilt”. This collaboration with Executive Chef Cyrille Pannier of Four Seasons culminated in the creation of “Gilt”, an ultra-luxurious green tea hand dusted with 24-carat gold. Talk about bringing out the bling!

This year, Tealeaves is again nominated, but this time, to be the personal hand-crafter of an exclusive amenity for the Oscar nominees. The lucky recipients will receive this exquisite gift at none other than, the star-studded Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills.

Tealeaves Folio | The Premiere; A Custom Blend for the Oscars


Tealeaves selected Silver Needles as its leading lady, depicting the prestige of the lavish Oscars ceremony. Appropriately, our Silver star walks on a bed of red rose petals in order to arrive at her award of a soft, floral palate. This custom-blend aptly named “The Premiere” captivates audiences and is perfect for any standing ovation from well-mannered guests.

Silver leaves in this Premiere blend pay deference to those iconic moments on the silver screen. These young tender buds are chosen from the top of the tea plant, reminiscent of those ‘budding’ young actors and actresses at the Oscars, representing the top of their ‘field’. Just like a movie premiere, this precious tea, plucked only once a year from mid-March to early April, gives you access to an exquisite experience.


What makes Silver Needle so sought after? By being the only artisan to both hand pick and hand blend in the traditional way, the rare, unopened top bud and fragile first leaf are protected. The blend waxes poetic in its flawless balance of gentle flavor and enticingly complex aroma. Only very small, extremely limited batches are produced to ensure this true treasure is properly honored.


While carefully crafting your ‘must watch’ list before the Oscars or perhaps during your own private viewing party, enjoy an exquisite cup of “The Premiere” and experience your own red carpet moment. It is available for limited release throughout Spring 2015.

Please note that this exclusive tea will arrive with a limited edition card, the same card received by the Oscar nominees themselves.


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