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Glimpse into a Michelin-Starred Chef’s Mindset of Luxury


TEALEAVES ICON Executive Chef Shaun Hergatt has earned accolades across the globe for his ethereal plates that blur lines between art, palate and philosophy. Drawing from his pedigree of James Beard Nominee Restaurant Atelier at The Ritz-Carlton New York and Condé Nast Traveler’s 2009 Gold List The Restaurant at The Setai, Shaun composes delicate dishes from produce harvested at their height of season. And now, shortly after its opening, Shaun’s Juni Restaurant has received its first Michelin star.

What makes Shaun Hergatt a TEALEAVES ICON? His vision for luxury that aligns with TEALEAVES’ philosophy. Luxury, irrespective of wealth and absolved of pretension. Luxury, as “what’s in your own mind”, as skills honed with dedication to better define the present:

“You know I have great luxury in my life, if I taste this cup of tea, and I have the senses and decades of building my palate, my smell, my sight. That is a luxury for me, because you know that I have worked at it. That I have understood it, when I taste it….[Luxury is what] inspires my mind”.

So, what inspires your mind?

Hear ICON Executive Chef Shaun Hergatt talk more about a life that is inseparable from the culinary in this TEALEAVES interview:


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