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A Humble Beginning Still Fit for an Emperor


How did the humble tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, become the second most drunk beverage next to water in the world? Through the Emperor of China, of course. The drinking of tea as a daily beverage has auspicious beginnings. One breezy day in the year 2737 BC, in the shade of his garden, Emperor Chen-Nung was enjoying a cup of boiled water, the hygienic custom of the day. Carried by the wind, leaves from a neighbouring bush fell into his imperial cup.

As the leaves danced in the water, a beautiful, pale green colour reminiscent of jade, materialized and a delicate aroma arose. Intrigued, the Emperor took a sip and immediately a new custom was born.

"With his mind surprisingly refreshed and his body in a state of well-being, the emperor vowed to drink a cup every single day."

Today, not only do we carry on with the wonderful tradition of enjoying green tea as discovered by the Emperor but also the three other types of tea: white, oolong and black, all of which harken from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis.


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