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Color Strategy in Design Process from the Industry’s Best

This past winter, we said cheers to the new TEALEAVES x Pantone packaging design of our iconic Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabag collection with #PaletteForYourPalate. An online exhibition of tea+color+mood, we explore the detail of color through a culinary approach as well as a documentary on why color matters— at TEALEAVES, we not only blend for aroma and taste, but also for color.


Understanding that “the first taste is with the eyes”, we filmed and learned from influencers, thought-leaders, movers and shakers of industry to see how they apply color in their respective domains. With this same philosophy and curious spirit, we believe that the best “condiment” to any cup of TEALEAVES is wisdom to share and a great story to tell. Sip, reflect, enjoy.

· What does a tea company have to do with design and color? ·

TEALEAVES’ presence at #SXSW (Color In Sight: Color Strategy in Design Process panel) is the result of our extensive collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute: TEALEAVES x Pantone #PaletteForYourPalate alongside 30+ world-class chefs and mixologists, and its affiliated documentary, Color In Sight.

We artisanally blend our teas for color, alongside aroma and taste, understanding that “the first taste is with the eyes.” As one of the very few luxury tea blenders in the world, in conjunction with our design-centric heritage, this panel extends our exploration into inspiring creativity and connections through the Art of Blending.

Join us as TEALEAVES speaks alongside Pantone, Herman Miller, and Microsoft Design on Color in Design.

· Color In Sight: Color Strategy in Design Process ·

· Watch the Panel filmed via Facebook Live ·

“Color defines our world. It reflects what is taking place in culture.” – Laurie Pressman, Pantone Color Institute 

“In culinary, the first taste is with the eyes.” – Lana Sutherland, TEALEAVES 

“One of the easiest ways to render a product inaccessible is through color.” – Kat Holmes, Microsoft Design 

“Color reaches far beyond the cognitive – it deeply affects our emotions.” – Laura Guido-Clark, Herman Miller

· About the Panel ·

Color is ubiquitous in the human experience. For companies, color has long been a tool that the most memorable brands use to assert their identity. However, in a world where attention spans have plummeted, color has become an industry-agnostic tool that only the best brands wield to capture their audience’s attention. By sharing the experience of experts across a wide variety of domains – TEALEAVES and five-star hospitality, PANTONE, Microsoft Design, to Herman Miller – this panel will explore how brands across industries can harness the power of color and how color strategy impacts the perception of products and services enjoyed by many.

· About the Speakers ·

Lana Sutherland, CEO TEALEAVES

As co-founder and CEO, Lana Sutherland establishes long-term vision and values for TEALEAVES, a leading luxury tea brand that crafts bespoke teas for its exclusive clients ranging from five-star hotels (Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, W Hotels, Park Hyatt, Rosewood, The Standard) to Michelin star and celebrity chefs (Ducasse, Gordon Ramsay, Jean Georges), worldwide. Clients also include the Food and Beverage programs of Google and Disney.

Laurie Pressman, VP Pantone Color Institute

Laurie Pressman is the Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, the world’s most comprehensive destination to gain intelligence, insight and implications on the science and emotions of color. With over 20 years of experience in product development and merchandising for the fashion and home furnishings markets, Laurie recognizes that color is the most powerful communication tool, and as an intrinsic part of people’s immediate visual experience plays a significant role in space design, consumer purchasing decisions and effective brand management. She is involved in the development of Pantone’s color research and color trend forecasting products and sits on the Home Products Board at Fashion Institute of Technology and the Fashion Advisory Board at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Laura Guido-Clark, Founder LG-C Design/Global Creative Director of Materials at Herman Miller

Laura Guido-Clark is an expert in the skin of consumer products – their color, materials, and finish. Laura has spent her career studying the always new and surprising ways that human beings react to the look and feel of any given product. As a result, her insights and honed process have defined her role as an experience consultant to help her clients connect with their consumers in a meaningful way.

In 2011, Laura founded Project Color Corps™, a nonprofit organization dedicated to painting urban neighborhoods with color and pattern that impart positive messages of optimism and hope.

Laura was honored as the IIDA Northern California Chapter recipient of the 2014 Leadership Award of Excellence. As a result of her expertise, Laura speaks both nationally and internationally on design and the creative process, and was an expert design blogger for Fast Company.

Kat Holmes, Director of Inclusive Design Microsoft

Kat Holmes was recently named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business for 2017. She is best known for her thought leadership in reexamining disability and diversity as a source of innovation. With over 15 years of experience in technology, she interweaves design, engineering, and business methods to create breakthrough products and processes. She leads organizations in identifying simple, transformative human insights that result in differentiated customer experiences. Her work centers around three core values:

· There’s no such thing as an average human being.

· People should be in the lead, not just the center, of technology.

· Work with people you enjoy being around. Make something worth making. Have fun.

· TEALEAVES x Pantone Color Institute Design Dinner at SXSW ·

To continue the conversation, TEALEAVES invited the panelists as well as distinguished individuals in the design industry to join us for an exclusive dinner after the SXSW Interactive session. Our friends, Rudd Oakville Estate, known for their quality and innovation, generously gifted two superb wine varietals for the dinner, so we may fully experience how “the first taste is with the eyes.”

During the dinner, guests discussed the intersection of color, design, and life.

Building on the SXSW Interactive panel session, Color in Sight: Color Strategy in Design Process, our dinner featured conversation on how consumers can use color to enhance their lives and experiences. After all, as Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute said, “Green is more than Kermit.”

With mainstream society becoming increasingly design-minded, consumers are using multiple design principles to enhance every area of their lives – from their personal devices, to their routines, to their closets.

“Color tells powerful stories – you change the color, you change the story,” said Laura Guido Clark, Creative Director of Materials at Herman Miller.

Design philosophies on minimalism, intuitive products, and services help consumers to create a richer, smoother experience. The consumer is guided by design principles to “declutter” an experience, but the powerful design tool of color is often left out of the process.  Kat Holmes, Director of Inclusive Design Microsoft, remarked during the panel, that one of the easiest ways to make a product inaccessible to someone is through color.

Guests drilled deeper into the discussion on how design is becoming accessible to everyone in all areas of life,  and how color can be the next breakthrough stage in this movement.

· The dinner company ·

Lana Sutherland, CEO at TEALEAVES

Laurie Pressman, Vice President at the Pantone Color Institute

Laura Guido-Clark, Principal at LG-C and Global Creative Director of Materials at Herman Miller

Karen John, Founder at Heartwork

Kat Holmes, Principal Design Director at Microsoft

Sarah Morris, Senior Design Strategist at Microsoft

Anders Buchmann, Creative Strategist at Bang & Olufsen Create

Christian Thams, Industrial Designer at Bang & Olufsen


Why color? Watch the TEALEAVES documentary, Color In Sight.


We blend teas specifically for color, alongside aroma and taste, with understanding that “the first bite is with the eyes”. Fascinated by color’s potential to excite and delight, TEALEAVES reached out to experts in design to see how they thought about—and used—color. From Nike and OPI to Herman Miller and PANTONE, these experts volunteered their time for this exciting project. Our goal, together, was to bring about appreciation for the little detail of color selection and how it can have a big impact on the products and services enjoyed by many.

Explore the Documentary on the #PaletteForYourPalate exhibit of tea + color + mood



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