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About the TEALEAVES’ Nutcracker #AfternoonTEALEAVES: Gifts of Time:
TEALEAVES curates experiences that support celebrating craft and spending quality time with others this festive season alongside afternoon tea, all tied to the classic Nutcracker fairy tale, and brings together top names in the culinary arts, performing arts, and horology.

JOURNEY TO Nutcracker.AfternoonTealeaves.com

To celebrate the holidays, Canadian luxury tea blender TEALEAVES, in a collaboration with 15+ ballet companies, 10+ global luxury hotel partners, and an antiquarian horologist, launched a worldwide campaign: Nutcracker #AfternoonTEALEAVES: Gifts of Time. The project is a twist to the traditional gift guide that offers experiential pairings to afternoon tea, themed after the story of the Nutcracker, and celebrates the arts, true craftsmanship, and spending quality time with others.

Inspired by the story of the Nutcracker, “Gifts of Time” celebrates the arts and true craftsmanship, as well as spending quality time with family and friends. As people increasingly desire new experiences and quality, adaptive luxury is making a growing appearance in the market. The creation of the Nutcracker afternoon tea project seeks to meet these desires – by offering a luxury holiday experience for everyone.

“Gifts of Time” is about celebrating the idea that true craftsmanship is the gift of quality time from the maker to the recipient, from the performer to his or her audience. It is about recognizing that in the fast-paced world of today, quality time and experiences have garnered a greater sense of worth: from having the time to spend with loved ones to the luxury of time to pursue one’s passions. As a collective of passionate makers, performers, and craftspeople from diverse fields, it is the luxury of time that is gladly sacrificed in the pursuit of perfection. Time, love, and dedication are “infused” into the work that is then then “gifted” to the audience’s delight for the holiday season.

From exploring the wonders of horology and automata reminiscent of Clara marveling at the Drosselmeyer’s gifts in the Nutcracker story, to indulging in holiday afternoon tea treats analogous to Clara and the Nutcracker Prince’s Land of Sweets adventure, it is TEALEAVES’ hope to inspire curiosity and a greater appreciation for craft by enabling makers to share their stories. The Nutcracker campaign seeks to encourage new holiday traditions among audiences, creating their own real life Nutcracker story via the offerings and activities metaphorically tied to the iconic fairy tale.


“All the chefs and mixologists who participated in this collaboration volunteered their time and used the TEALEAVES Nutcracker Black Tea and Organic Sugar Plum Fairy Blend to create tea cocktail, tea entrée, and tea dessert recipes for the holidays. Rigorous amounts of time was spent by our Master Blenders to perfect these blends in time for the festive season. The same can be said for the many talented chefs and mixologists who created these delicious tea recipes,” says TEALEAVES CEO Lana Sutherland.



“When crafting any blend, TEALEAVES’ Master Blenders search for the top three grades of tea, flowers and herbs sourced from the most exclusive gardens, bring them to Vancouver, and meticulously cup each ingredient. Teas are tasted multiple times and quality evaluated during the cupping process. To create the Nutcracker and Sugar Plum Fairy blends, we created multiple variations to perfect the recipes. It becomes a game of balance and blending. Color, aroma, and taste played a role to create the perfect palate and articulate the stories we want to tell.”

Our Master Blenders meticulously blended the holiday collection in time for the festive season, trying and tasting over 100 times for sophisticated and elegant blends to share and enjoy between adults and children alike. After obsessing over ideal infusion times and cupping, hand-blending, and perfecting the blends, the TEALEAVES Nutcracker blend and Organic Sugar Plum Fairy blend are available for purchase at TEALEAVES.com.

The Nutcracker #AfternoonTEALEAVES: Gifts of Time collaboration and events can be further explored at Nutcracker.AfternoonTealeaves.com.

Piece together your real-life Nutcracker fairytale and explore various ‘Gifts of Time’. 

JOURNEY TO Nutcracker.AfternoonTealeaves.com


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Participating Hotels and Restaurants:

United States

Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach — Fort Lauderdale

Grace Vanderbilt Hotel – Newport

The Langham, Chicago — Chicago

Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas — Las Vegas

Palace Hotel, San Francisco — San Francisco

The Rittenhouse — Philadelphia

The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans — New Orleans

The St. Regis Atlanta — Atlanta

The St. Regis Houston — Houston

The St. Regis San Francisco — San Francisco

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills — Los Angeles



Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler — Whistler

The Omni King Edward Hotel — Toronto

Ripplecove Lakefront Hotel & Spa — Ayer’s Cliff

Wedgewood Hotel & Spa — Vancouver



Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong — Hong Kong

Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel — Singapore


Participating Ballet Companies:

United States

Atlanta Ballet

Colorado Ballet

The Joffrey Ballet

Los Angeles Ballet

Miami City Ballet

Nevada Ballet Theatre

Richmond Ballet

San Francisco Ballet

Texas Ballet Theater

The Washington Ballet



Alberta Ballet

Ballet BC

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

The National Ballet of Canada



Ballet Philippines

Moscow Ballet

Singapore Dance Theatre


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