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Peppermint tea cocktail: Color and design refreshment

About TEALEAVES x Pantone #PaletteForYourPalate:
TEALEAVES is one of the very few tea blenders in the world, and we take precision very seriously. Why? Because in luxury, it’s the details that matter. TEALEAVES blends teas specifically for color, alongside aroma and taste, with understanding that “the first taste is with the eyes”. This philosophy inspired the #PaletteForYourPalate project in collaboration with @pantone and 30+ world-class chefs and mixologists. Explore the exhibit of tea + color + mood at paletteforyourpalate.com.



To celebrate Vancouver Design Week, TEALEAVES hosted a tea cocktail tasting at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. Presenting a Pantone-inspired cocktail from our #PaletteForYourPalate campaign, we discussed color in the world of design and food, and how “the first taste is with the eyes.”

The evening began with a talk on design, where guests were able to examine the use of color in the realm of food and tea. A tasting experience and mixology demonstration by Four Seasons Mixologist, Todd Zimmerman, who created the Second Spring tea cocktail for the #PaletteForYourPalate campaign, followed.

“The name Second Spring comes from Albert Camus. He muses that, ‘Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.’ It was a perfect fit for this autumnal cocktail, with its blue tones, floral ingredients and fresh taste from Organic Peppermint.”


Zimmerman revealed the creation process behind his cocktail, showing not only how to make it, but also explaining some of the science behind the ingredients in achieving the perfect refreshing blue – Pantone 290C. Butterfly pea flowers produce a brilliant blue color during the rapid infusion process with TEALEAVES Organic Peppermint tea and gin. While the addition of lemon juice causes the infusion to slowly take on a more purple hue, the inclusion of cream and egg whites work to stabilize the color, as well as creating a delicious foam he explained.




The cocktails were served alongside canapes by Yew Seafood + Bar, and guests mingled amongst each other, discussing the drink, design, and tea. Exploring how “the first taste is with the eyes,” the Second Spring tea cocktail impressed with its refreshing mint blue color and floral garnish.

Zimmerman has kindly presented his recipe to use to share, for those who wish to recreate the concoction at home, or were unable to attend the event. Discover the drink on paletteforyourpalate.com


Explore paletteforyourpalate.com


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