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The CEO’s Cup

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Have you ever wondered what’s in our CEO’s teacup? Look no further, as we’re revealing to you some of her personal picks. Back in the day, Lana savoured the ever popular Earl Grey tea, particularly Russian Earl Grey. Why? Simple – she loved the uplifting feeling from the natural bergamot in our Earl Greys. Basically, they made her happy and a happy CEO is a happy office! However, there was one drawback to the Earl Grey – she stressed out the Creative Director (responsible for the watercolour images) with her talking at 100 words a minute. As a black tea, Earl Grey has the highest caffeine content of all tea types.

And unfortunately for us, caffeine and Lana got along a bit too well! So while we appreciated Lana’s high energy, we had to take an office vote against her caffeine consumption for the sake of coherency and maintaining a sense of sanity and calm in the office.

· Rooibos for the decaf black tea drinker ·

Lana, more recently, turned over a new leaf. Her drink of choice? Rooibos. This exotic, caffeine-free (phew!) South African herbal “tea” is made from the legume Aspalathus linearis. She enjoys this infusion because of its health benefits, lack of caffeine and hydrating properties. One of the world’s healthiest herbals, Rooibos is good for digestion and contains anti-mutagenic properties. Its calcium, manganese, and fluoride content support the development of strong bones and teeth, while Rooibos’ copper and potassium levels are good for metabolism.

But, of course, Lana loves drinking Rooibos the most for its taste. Rooibos is the perfect alternative for black tea drinkers thirsting for something completely caffeine-free, so if you happen to be like Lana when it comes to caffeine, consider giving Rooibos a shot.

· vanilla peppermint bliss ·

Lana’s ultimate, favourite Rooibos blend, in particular, is our Organic Vanilla Rooibos which she brews with 0.5 g of Organic Peppermint for 200 seconds with 200°F water. A Madagascar vanilla bean’s natural oil calms with its comforting, sweet overtones while her dash of peppermint augments the sweetness with a refreshing coolness.  Perfect as a quenching iced treat during the summer heat. If you think you’re as cool as Lana (or cooler), we dare you to try out her blend.


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